Confitrol24 Review – Natural Remedies for Overactive Bladder

Confitrol 24 Review: Does It Really Help With Bladder Leakage?

Millions of people worldwide suffer from bladder problems, causing leakages. It may be caused by injury to your bladder, the birth of a child, or how you live your life. Leaking or wetting yourself is the most embarrassing thing, as it can affect your life and overall self-esteem.

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You may have tried using other drugs or doing Kegel exercises without much hope, but here is the good news a new supplement known as Confitrol24 will work wonders for your body, giving you complete control of your life and bladder.

For those who are using or planning to use Confitrol 24, you’ve come to the right place. In this review, we will take a detailed and in-depth look at Confitrol24, how it works, the benefits of its effects, and its side effects. Well, let’s get into it!

What Is Confitrol24?

confitrol 24Confitrol24 is a blended supplement meant to give you total control over your bladder; it will strengthen it and help you retain urine. The supplement is made of natural extracts that have been extensively researched and are said to be healthier and safer for your body with no side effects.

The manufacturer claims that the supplement strengthens the sphincter and pelvic muscles that stimulate the production of collagen, which has a strong anti-aging effect on your bladder.

Confitrol24 was specifically manufactured to fight two types of incontinence, the one that’s specifically caused by the lack of coordination between the brain and spine. In contrast, the second one is the one that arises from the pressure on the abdominal region.

The bottle comes with 60 capsules; the supplement is widely recognized and known globally as it was one of the finalists in the Nutra Ingredients USA Awards of 2018. Both men and women can also use nutritional supplements.

How does Confitrol24 work?

nutra awardsThe patented and unique formula is formulated to strengthen and improve muscles. The Urox Blend combines Cratevox, Raw Horsetail, and Lindera Aggregate. This potent blend combines Western herbal medicines, Chinese, and Ayurvedic.

Each ingredient is specially designed to perform a specific function, like relaxing your muscles and strengthening internal tissues to enable your bladder to fill up correctly and properly empty itself.

Constant use of this supplement will ensure you can retain urine over long periods of not more than eight times a day. For nighttime urination, also known as Nocturia, nightly accidents will be reduced by 50%, allowing you to have calm and enjoyable nights.

Is Confitrol24 safe to use?

Confitrol24 has undergone thorough clinical testing and experimentation on humans to determine its reaction and effect on human beings. The test has proved beyond a reasonable doubt that it is a safe and healthy supplement that can be used daily without adverse effects on the body.

It’s also a natural product from natural ingredients sourced from nature, making it one of the safest urinary incontinence supplements.

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Is Confitrol 24 supplement addictive?

The natural extract that makes up Confitrol24 is known to benefit your urinary tract. The unique blends in the supplement combine their capabilities to treat various urinary tract complications.

The drug is not addictive, and you can stop taking them whenever you please. However, it’s always advisable to consult your doctor before using Confitrol 24; if you are on another medication, it’s recommended to avoid it to minimize negative interaction.

What are the ingredients in Confitrol24?

Each serving of the blend comprises 840mg of Urox blend. The Urox blend consists of the following ingredients:

Lindera Aggregata

It’s a powerful antioxidant known to minimize damage to the urinary system. The ingredient also has an anti-aging effect on your bladder, giving you more control, like your younger self. The ingredient also has disease-fighting capabilities against bacterial infection in the urinary tract.


It contains the mineral silica, which boosts body tissues’ connectivity, firmness, and strength. It will also reduce the frequency of urine leakage, giving you the power to control your urine.


This main ingredient’s purpose is to improve the elasticity of your bladder; it also causes the bladder muscles to expand and contract normally, reducing the urge to urinate frequently.

How to Use Confitrol24

The dietary supplement is manufactured in capsule form and does not require a medical prescription to purchase it. Taking the supplement for no less than two months is always recommended, providing quicker and faster results within a few weeks.

Confitrol24 Dosage

The supplement is in capsule form and contains 60 capsules for each bottle. This translates to thirty servings for a whole month; when it comes to dosage, it’s vital to follow the manufacturer’s manual, ensuring that you are safe and take the required dosage.

The dietary supplement comprises three natural ingredients Ayurvedic, Western, and Chinese herbal. These extracts have been used over long periods; they have also been extensively tested and experimented with, ensuring it’s safer for the human body. The natural ingredients used are completely safe for human consumption.

Where can you buy Confitrol 24?

You can buy Confitrol24 at the official manufacturer’s website for a lower price than elsewhere. For example, Confitrol 24 prices at Walgreens, Walmart, GNC, CVS, and other large stores are usually higher at $10. Also, on the official website, you can get additional discounts and bonus packages with a 67-day money-back guarantee.

By the way, avoid buying Confitrol24 from Amazon or eBay. Here too many fake packages of this supplement.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to work?

According to clinical research, it’s expected that you’ll start seeing changes after 2 to 4 weeks. For best results and effects, it will be after two months.

Can men also take Confitrol24?

Confitrol24 is specially tailor-made for women. However, for men with urinal incontinence, you can consult your doctor.

Is there an age limit for those who can take it?

There is no set age limit, but the supplement is widely known to affect the elderly with special circumstances. So, please consult your doctor before usage.


Those who are suffering from poor urinary control can now rest easy. With Confitrol24, you now have complete control over your urination, allowing you to live your life positively and healthily. So, if you are serious about solving your urinary incontinence, this supplement will work wonders for you.

For more information about Confitrol24, visit the Official website here:

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