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Neosize XL Review

When you have a small penis as a man, your ability to engage in fulfilling sexual intercourse is greatly hampered. Many men today have suffered from a lack of confidence because of the size of their penis. But now it’s not to be the case because Neosize XL has been introduced in the market to address this particular issue.

There is a lot of research and development input that has gone into use to come up with this marvelous male sex enhance drug. Performance and endurance are the other two benefits that you get from the use of the Neosize XL.

How does it work?

The blood flow in the penis could be interfered with by many health factors. Age, diseases, and state of health are some of the reasons. The Neosize XL helps in increasing the production of testosterone, which in turn nourishes the penis for better sexual performance.

how it work

The ingredients which make up the product enter the endothelial cells hence boosting the flow of blood in the arteries and veins feeding the organ.

The androgens or the male hormones are needed at the nerve endings of the penis. An only effective drug like this one would help to unlock your male sexual prowess.

The muscle mass could reduce over time, hence the need to replenish them. There is no better way to do this than to take a naturally formulated drug for better sex drugs will readily enhance your sexual stamina to unimaginable proportions.

Do you suffer from anxiety before a sexual encounter? Well, it happens a lot of the times but more so, in men whose sexual performance wants. You need not suffer from this humiliation again because the Neosize XL will help you deal with the anxiety once and for all.

neosize xl results in 3 month

It is worth noting that the stress accumulates over time due to the inability to satisfy your spouse. The benefit of this sex enhancing drug is that it not only boosts your sexual energy, it also helps to deal with the stress that comes due to the inability to perform. The depression is also properly taken care of, and in fact, you will find a lot of relief in using the drug.

Is the nervous system broken down? What about the nerves in the genitals which are damaged? No problem, the intake of this natural sex enhancing drug will heal your nervous system and repair it.

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 Expected results

The results which can be verified upon the use of Neosize XL are the follows:

 – Growth of the penis

 As we noted earlier, the penis size matters a lot to most of the men when it comes to sexual performance. Thanks to this penis size enlarging drug, it will increase by up to 1-3 inches. It might sound unbelievable to you, but the truth of the matter is that the clinical results show proof of enlargement of the penis.

– The girth of the penis

With the small penis comes an equally small girth. It indeed concerns a lot of men. With the enlargement of the penis comes an enlarged circumference. There is no need for an overemphasis on the need to have a larger girth for better sex.

– Hormonal balance

For fulfilling sexual performance, you will need a hormonal balance. Due to decreased libido, the hormones go haywire, and as such, you are unable to perform. Thanks to this drug, your hormones, such as the androgen and testosterone, will be brought back to the average level for better sexual performance. Drive your spouse to the zenith of sexual fantasy by making use of the Neosize XL.

– Erections

Though an erection is necessary for satisfactory sexual intercourse, you will find that a hard, sustained erection is more critical. For a lasting erection, you need this sex-enhancing drug, and your life will never be the same again. Once you use this drug, the erection will come as and when you need it.

– Blood flow

The blood flow in the penis is what fills up the spongy tissue hence increase in size and subsequent erection. The blood flow may not be flawless all the time. At such times, you can hardly attain an erection when you need it. Using the drug boosts the flow of the blood in the arteries and veins, which feed the penis.

– Sexual stamina

Is your sexual stamina on a downward trend? It is time to take any action instead of watching your spouse suffer. The Neosize XL helps your sexual stamina for a more powerful, long-lasting, and satisfactory sex session.

– Confidence boost

Nothing takes away a man’s confidence than his ability to perform sexually. With the coming of the sex-enhancing drug, you will regain your confidence for even better performance in bed.

Neosize XL Ingredients

We cannot talk about the Neosize XL without explaining what makes it tick. The secret lies in the powerful formulation.

ingredients in neosize xl

It contains a powerful combination of herbal extracts for an even better experience. We have velvet bean, lebbeck tree, Hygrophyla, and Indian Ginseng, to name but a few. Each of these herbal extracts has vital roles in enhancing the production of testosterone hormone, stamina, and stronger muscles in the penis. As you may have noted, the ingredients mentioned here are all-natural.

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 Before and after – customer testimonials

To believe something, most buyers will insist on seeing the results of the use of this herbal drug. There are many Neosize XL before and after pics, which clearly show the efficacy of this drug. Take a visit to the official website, and you will see for yourself. In the before photos of the customers giving their testimonies, you will see lowly erected penises. They are small and pointing down. It clearly shows a sexual dysfunction. These men can hardly attain an erection, and this shows a severe problem.

neosize xl before and after pictures

Neosize XL Before And After Pictures

On the right side of the photos, you will notice that the pictures have undergone a dramatic makeover. The penises are fully erect and appear larger. It is not a camera trick, but the reality on the ground. The use of Neosize XL indeed helps you to have harder and extended erections. The penis size also increases in size and thickness.

neosize xl results pictures

Based on the above testimonies by two men with size and erections problems, you need no further prodding to buy this natural sex-enhancing drug.

Neosize XL Results & Price

neosize xl tabsThe results are usually not immediate, and for men who are eager to see results, the drug might not be for you. This drug is for men who have the patience to wait for a few months to see the positive results. The quick fix drugs are available, but they have the disadvantage of being just that: quick fixes.

As expected, there are always a few negative comments from the users based on my experience from the reviews that I collected I compiled this review. There was one who said that the drug does not work. As usual, for natural supplements, results vary for different persons. If it does not work for one person, this does not mean that the drug is not effective. It could mean that the customer did not use it appropriately or lacked patience. I would, therefore, be compelled to disregard such comments.

neosize xl reviewsSome felt that the price was a little bit high, but when you work it out, this comes to 75 cents for a pill. It is a minimum price that you will have to pay to get back your libido, have prolonged erection, and an increase in girth as well as size. For 30 days only, you will spend around $55.

For maximum results, you should take the drug for six months. Still, you stand to gain rather than lose. The drug will save your marriage, something that you cannot compare with the $100 that you will spend on the pills. For those who claim that the drug is a waste of money, you only need to do such quick calculations to comprehend what it means to take the pills fully.

neosize xl reviewsNeoszie XL Reviews

I sampled some of the reviews and could tell that there were more satisfied customers than dissatisfied ones. One customer admitted to seeing results within three weeks of its use. The erections became harder. He said that before starting to use the drug, his fully erect penis was 6.9 inches, but after some time, it grew to 8 inches and has not stopped!

One customer who said it didn’t work was in the opinion that it is because he used it only one month instead of the recommended two.

One other said that his sexual life came back after using the drug for two months as instructed.

From the reviews above, it is evident that Neosize XL is the right sex-enhancing drug that you need to treat your sexual dysfunction.

Where to buy Neosize XL

neosize xl 30 days guaranteeNeosize XL is available only on the official website and affiliate sites. You can’t find it at Walmart, GNC, Walgreens, CVS, and other big stores.

Also, beware of buying Neosize XL from Amazon or eBay. The vast quantity of fake pills goes exactly from here. Therefore product from here is always with an expired guarantee.

I suggest buying Neosize XL only from the official store. Only here you get 100% original product, best price and discounts and 30 days money-back guarantee!


There are many drugs out there that purport to treat various problems like small penis size, lack of firm erection, and decreased libido. Most are overrated, and you might be disappointed. Neosize XL is a unique formulation that is clinically tested and proven to work. I would recommend it to men just to try it.

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