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Prosolution Plus Review

What are Prosolution Plus pills?

When it comes to natural male enhancement supplements, the bar is raised. Its common knowledge that ProSolution Plus is one of the most established and leading sexual male enhancement dietary supplements.

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With ProSolution, you will enjoy improved sexual drive and performance and superb erection quality that will re-invigorate your sexual life. If you suffer from premature ejaculation, here is the good news – you can use ProSolution Plus to rectify your problem.

Underlining the effectiveness of ProSolution+, a study was carried out recently and published in the American Journal of Therapeutics has people genuinely excited!

The study was about testing the natural formula that helps men improve on specific problems in the bedroom, a situation that affects millions of people worldwide.

With ProSolution, you will enjoy its results that will transform your life. This male enhancement supplement is a potent blend of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and herbs that are fully packed with virility.

You will receive all the benefits that come with using ProSolution pills with a bonus of being clinically tested and natural supplements that will improve premature ejaculation. It will bring out the ‘animal’ in you with full confidence that comes with being a man, a true alpha-male.

How to reduce premature ejaculation by 64%

Our researchers carried out tests on 148 men in a two-month-long triple-blind experiment. Half of the men took the placebo while the remaining half of the participants were on the ProSolution Plus formula. All the men were in similar dosages.

The men aged between 21 to 60 and had good general health. All the participants, at some point in their lives, had suffered from low sexual drive, premature ejaculation, and moderate to mild erectile dysfunction.

These were the experiences of the men:

  • Enhancement of sexual satisfaction 64%
  • Improvement in pre-ejaculation 64%
  • Enhancement of overall sexual functions 64%
  • Enhancement of erectile functions and quality 64%

These stunning results and testimonials were published in the American Journal of Therapeutics. It confirms that ProSolution Plus formula works by assisting men in addressing their sexual concerns like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and lost sexual spark that many of us crave.

prosolution plus results

With ProSolution Plus pills, you will enjoy the full benefits of the best ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic herbal medicine for men. Its 4000 years of detailed and extensive studies/research on the best minerals, vitamins, and herbals that will assist men to rise to the occasion when it comes to sexual matters and performance.

ProSolution Plus is the elixir of natural virility that will assist you in getting the sexual performance that you want!

You can head on here to see the detailed results of the study.

Why Prosolution Plus better than other drugs?

ProSolution Plus is the ultimate leader of natural male sexual enhancement supplements; it gives you positive results. These are the reasons why the supplement is quite a hit with men:

Clinically tested

Go for a sexual enhancement supplement that is backed by scientific proof. What you will realize is that there are quite a few that provide potent and tangible results.

Just think about how many sexual enhancements on the market can boast of adequately addressing issues such as premature ejaculation or erection quality?

The client is our number one priority, hence the reason why we’ve taken time to develop a natural formula that will deliver results. It wasn’t an easy process, but the results of ProSolution Plus speak for themselves.

Approved by doctors

Don’t just take our word when it comes to the delivery of ProSolution Plus. We know how doctor’s approval can boost confidence and provide reassurance that the product is highly effective and will not cause adverse side effects.

So, to allay any fears that you might have, we have invited well-established and known physicians to take a look at our supplements. As it turns out, they are also huge fans of ProSolution Plus, and they have recommended them to their patients who want enhanced sexual performance and enjoyment.

prosolution plus aproved by doctors

As you know, it’s tough for doctors to endorse ‘erection pills’ as they favor pharmaceuticals prescription, and there is insufficient proof that these supplements truly work.

One thing that stands out about ProSolution Plus is the fact that it has been endorsed by Dr. Dave David – practicing doctor, a medical commentator on CNN underlining the effectiveness of the supplement that it genuinely works unlike other products on the market.


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The brand name of Prosolution Plus

With more than a decade under our belt coupled with thousands, if not millions of happy guys around the world, Leading Edge Health has a proven track record of enhancing sexual life and performance. They pride ourselves on being a highly respected brand.

prosolution+Their mission has remained the same all these years, which is to provide men with natural sexual enhancement supplements that deliver results. The ingredients are of high-quality nutrients, minerals, and herbals.

All of the components used in production were extensively researched and assembled in the United States. They have been successful in building a brand, and today they can pride ourselves in offering #1 male enhancement pill with clinical proof that guarantees results.

Prosolution Plus ups your ‘A’ Game

Prosolution Plus is a combination of both nutrients and herbals that using for thousands of years in China and India for libido-enhancing.

It’s like a powerful fuel but with nutrients that will enhance your sexual performance as well as improve your overall health. Just like a sports car that hits 0-60 real quick, ProSolution+ is tailor-made provides maximum performance in your body.

What are the ingredients in Prosolution Plus?

Tribulus Terrestris – helps men with erectile issues.

It’s a traditional Chinese herb using as an aphrodisiac. Studies and research carried out have proven that Tribulus Terrestris boosts intracavernous pressure and relaxes corpora cavernosum providing a natural remedy to erectile dysfunction.

Withania Somnifera – Boost blood flow to the penile area.

A study carried out in Italy concluded that Withania Somnifera increases levels of nitric oxide, which assists in the relaxation of corpora cavernosum that, in turn, improves blood circulation to the penis causing massive erections.

Asparagus Adscendens – Minimize inflammation and stress

Asparagus Adscendens provides natural remedy and relief to inflammatory and stressful conditions, which cause low sexual drive and well as impede erectile quality.

Mucuna Pruriens – Enhance pleasure sensations

Mucuna Pruriens is a tropical legume that contains L-DOPA, a natural to the neurotransmitter l-dopamine. Laboratory studies have shown that Mucuna Pruriens improve sexual activity as well as increase the frequency of erection.
prosolution ingredients

Asteracantha Longifolia – Heighten attraction to sexual partners.

Studies carried out have shown that Asteracantha Longifolia enhances and increases sexual attraction to the opposite sex. Studies have also shown that they improve the volume and quality of the sperms.


Its also commonly known as shilajit, asphaltum is primarily a mineral wax which contains medicinal properties. The ingredient is a natural solution for erectile issues and premature ejaculation. It also has a high content of antioxidants, which is known to stimulate the release of cytokines by activating immunologic cells.

The clinical study of ProSolution Plus showed that the formula used assisted men in having powerful and frequent orgasms as well as manage premature ejaculations giving them more control.

Giving you the spark and sex life that you deserve

Prosolution pills are one of the leading natural enhancers that have been clinically tested and certified safe for human consumption. The libido pill will improve your sexual drive and performance as well as increase the frequency of sexual intercourse.

Millions of men around the globe have made ProSolution Plus supplement their go-to product because it’s in a class of its own as it increases sexual performance & health, stamina, and desire.

Don’t get us wrong, Prosolution Plus works, but we are not saying that it should completely replace pharmaceuticals for those men who have complex and more advanced sexual difficulties.

However, it’s worth pointing out that Prosolution pills contain a powerful formula that has been tested and proven to improve the lives and sexual performance in men.
prosolution pills benefits
Still, in doubt, you can see for yourself how the participants of a study said that ProSolution Plus improved their sexual performance and satisfaction by 78%. In other words, with this natural supplement, you’ll get full value for your money as its an effective way to combat sexual problems.

And also, remember that you will be doubling the value of our supplement, making it #1 male libido supplement!

Definite Results in 67 Days – Or Your Money Back

money-back guaranteeWe offer full guarantees that ProSolution pills will completely change your sexual life, enabling you to enjoy more and boost your satisfaction for both you and your partner. Clinical studies have also shown 77% of female partners noted improvement of sexual pleasure.

How It Works

ProSolution Plus is vital in addressing the psychological and physical factors that inhibit male sexual desires or performance. The supplement is clinically tested to cause:

Brings a calming/relaxing effect

Studies published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology show that Mucuna Pruriens, a vital ingredient of the supplement, boost the levels of dopamine, which brings the feeling of pleasure and relaxation.

Boost nitric oxide

The ProSolution Plus pills improve the levels of nitrous oxide, which is crucial to retain and receive blood in corpora cavernosum resulting in hard and massive erections.

Maintenance of erectile quality

Clinical studies have shown that the supplement boosts the ability to have and keep erections during sexual intercourse.
prosolution+ user results

Improve sexual health

The ingredients have used for thousands of years. They have known to provide the male reproductive system with essential nutrients restoring your sexual ability and prowess.

Control premature ejaculation

ProSolution Plus will rectify premature ejaculation in men by helping them to practice to last longer and release once they are ready.

Where the best place to buy Prosolution Plus?

The best and safest choice is to buy Prosolution Plus on the official website. The advantages of buying here are the lowest price, 100% original product, money-back пгфкфтеуу and additional discounts and bonuses.

Another option is to buy Prosolution Plus pills on Amazon or eBay. However, we receive many complaints from users who received fake pills or with an expired warranty. It is also complicated to return such tablets under warranty if you did not buy them on the official website.

As for large stores, Prosolution Plus is not always available in Walgreens, Walmart, GNC, and CVS. Also, the price there is usually higher by $10, and there are no additional discounts when buying several packs. So, don’t waste your time and order from the Official site.

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Prosolution Plus – Related Questions

How does ProSolution Plus work?

ProSolution pills boost the level of nitric oxide, which relaxes corpora cavernosum. It is the two chambers known to retain and receive blood, which allows you to keep and have massive erections. The supplements also make it easy to climax more intense and frequent.

Is it safe?

ProSolution Plus contains natural and safe ingredients that have been researched for thousands of years and has no side-effects. If you have any pre-existing conditions or under medication, consult your doctor.

When will I see results?

Just like any other dietary supplements, you’ll start seeing notable results within 3-4 weeks. ProSolution Plus is tailor-made to first build up in your system; for best results, it might take 3-6 months.

How much does ProSolution Plus cost?

You’d be surprised that it’s quite cheaper compared to other alternatives on the market. The pricing also comes with attractive discounts for orders of more than one package.
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