Xtrasize Original Pills Review

What is Xtrasize?

How would you feel if you could add 1-3 inches to your penis size? Natural penis enlargement pills that will help you achieve this unbelievable size increase are none other than Xtrasize. Size matters, and although some hold the contrary opinion, only an honest spouse will tell you the truth.

The size of the penis that is less than 7 inches would be considered small, and if you are serious about spicing up your relationship, you need to get the natural sex enhancer. Taking control of your life begins with using a drug that boosts your libido and increases your penis size!

The ingredients

what ingredients are in xtrasize?The first thing that we need to focus on is what makes this product unique the ingredients. The ingredients I will share with you will boost your penis size. We have the horny – goat weed, MACA Saw palmetto, and polypodium vulgare.

Each of Xtrasize’s ingredients plays a role in boosting your sex drive. For clarity, you will need to look at each of them sparely. Do you have erectile dysfunction? The horny goat weed will just do the trick. It also cures the libido of men who simply lack the excitement of sex.

 The hormone levels go haywire when left unregulated. The solution lies in the regulation of testosterone and androgen hormones. Thanks to the MACA powder extract, you will have just the right balance of hormones to keep you going in sexual activity.

 Sex energy and potency are two things that you will need to spice up your sex life. It is only possible if you have an ingredient in the name of saw Palmetto. In other words, this is a kind of aphrodisiac, and as you will discover, a little of it in the Xtrasize is all you need to have boundless sexual energy.

 The elasticity of the penis and the increase in the size of the penis are very fundamental. It is because it is a measure of your sexual performance and satisfaction by your spouse. Take no trouble by only taking polypodium Vulgare. It is one of the essential ingredients you will need for improved sexual performance.

How does it work?

Xtrasize has an easy-to-understand mechanism for your performance. It begins by enhancing the flow of blood in the arteries and veins of your penis. The penis grows longer and thicker. As a result, you will have an unforgettable sexual experience.

One only needs to take one pill for around half an hour before engaging in sex. When continually used for three months, this product brings results that would ordinarily take a lifetime with other medications or surgery.

how it work

The ingredient composition is the underlying factor in this natural male-enhancing drug’s performance. It is carefully selected and mixed to develop the best formulae for guaranteed performance. If you have had a small penis, weak erection, or any other sexual performance problem, the best thing to do is to use this product.

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Side effects

xtrasize now mlAs this is a natural product, you will still find some undesirable characteristics, like increased blood flow to the penis. This is not necessarily bad, except that people with heart-related conditions might have a problem with this increased blood flow. It ideally means that the drug works best for people who have no other health complications.

 Xtrasize usage could potentially give you a headache. As such, you might have to endure problems during pleasure. All in all, these are very few adverse effects compared to what you will tend to gain when you use them for your improved sexual performance.


The following are the advantages of using Xtrasize for improved sex life:

Penis increment

As noted, the size matters a lot. If you have a small penis (typically less than 7 inches), this is the drug you need to get the desired size. It would mean that, technically, you can count on the Xtrasize to give you a boost of 3 inches.


It is a product that you need to increase your appetite for sex. It means you will want to have sex as and when your partner wants it. Very few products in the market are as good aphrodisiacs as this natural product.

Few side effects

We only have two side effects, which we looked at above. The overall rating is excellent, as you will not have to worry about it. In any case, these are side effects that can be managed. For instance, you can buy some medications to contain a headache, while diabetics only need to consult a doctor before using them.

Easy to buy online

You can buy Xtrasize online on the official website with no prescription needed. Plus, you get additional discounts and bonuses by buying from the official site.



Although the positive things about the product said above, there are many shortcomings with the product. First, there have not been any clinical trials to prove that the product actually works. It means you will have no way of verifying whether the product is valid.

No money-back guarantee

Unless you buy the product and return it intact, you will not get your money back. The guarantee is premised on the fact that you don’t get up the bottle and use the product.

No long-term feedback

The users of the product have so far only provided short-term benefits. It is not known how the product works for the use of the product for a more extended period. In other words, this productizes not long term. One has to pop in a few pills every day as long as the problem persists. It makes the product somewhat unreliable in dealing with the persistent problem of sexual dysfunction.

Lack of precise ingredients used.

It is hard to estimate how much of each ingredient is used to make Xtrasize pills. As such, you might get more of one and less of the other.

Perhaps the biggest concern with the product is that there have been no scientific data to back the claims on the efficacy of the product. For instance, the claim that the product helps grow your penis size by 3 inches is not supported by any scientifically proven means.

Can’t buy Xtrasize over the counter

You can’t buy Xtrasize at GNC, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, and other large retailers.  Also, we don’t recommend buying Xtrasize on Amazon or eBay because you lose the original 90-day money-back guarantee from the manufacturer and even risk purchasing the counterfeit product.

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Xtrasize Reviews

xtrasize reviewSo far, many reviews have been compiled, and they are positive about using the product. Most men who have used the product say that Xtrasize has enabled them to increase their size and girth. The penis becomes more erect and stronger. There are now living their dreams, and there is no reason why you should not be part of the statistics. Try it today and give feedback after using it.

 A customer said he had problems with an erection, but after one month of using Xtrasize pills, his erection became harder and longer-lasting. He said that since he started using the product, his spouse has become more satisfied with the sex.

The natural ingredient, which consists of an aphrodisiac, helps to improve the libido. The sex urge is what helps you to perform sexual activity. Due to many factors, some men get low libido. The user admitted to the fact that this product enabled him to get his groove back.

Achieving a mind-boggling orgasm would be the ultimate prize, but for a reviewer, this was something that he achieved. He said, ‘I had been unable to hit the G-spot for a long time, and my spouse thought I was lousy in bed. “I read all books on sex, but nothing turned me on.” “When I finally tried Xtrasize, I found what I had been missing for all that long; “Now I achieve multiple orgasms with my partner.”

xtrasize testimonials

 The last person I reviewed reported that he was looking for an efficient drug to enlarge his penis. Thankfully, a friend recommended he try this product. It has been months, and he quotes his exact words, ‘no turning back”.


I should hasten to add that this product has met all the safety standards required. It is safe to use with few side effects. The ingredients are natural; hence you can count on the product to provide high-quality results.

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There are, of course, fake products selling out there. Those are the only ones that could pose a health risk. It is recommended that you only buy from the official dealers or directly from the manufacturer. You will find an official website where you can buy genuine products.


I would not hesitate to recommend the product because it enlarges the penis, retains the erection for longer, and boosts confidence. The unique formulation ensures that you continually satisfy your spouse. If you are looking for efficiency, Xtrasize is the way to go.

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